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I am a 3rd generation Alaskan, the great-grandson of a Sourdough Goldminer who staked his claim in Interior Alaska during the Goldrush. I’ve been a commercial fisherman, machine operator, vacuum cleaner salesman, tow truck driver, construction worker, underwater photographer, internet geek, taxi cab driver and most recently an underpaid radio and television talk show host in the Mat-Su Valley. I can be heard Saturdays 3-6pm(AST) on KFAR 660am or on the internet at

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  1. Hi Michael:

    I found the video we spoke of today at the coffee shop. It’s called:

    “9mm vs .45 vs Rifle A Dr’s View of Gunshot Wounds”

    It’s on youtube. It gets right into data and comparisons.

    It is really detailed.

    It’s worth watching every minute.



  2. Doug Stephan’s Good Day cant stand this show….and who is this Andy fellow today..june12th 2013..where is Savage, we need him back in Alaska. Dukes show is good, your informed and a good host.

  3. This immigration bill is going to change this country forever, and what is in this bill is shocking, not to mention the 11 trillion dollars its going to cost American tax payer. Things like waving all past crimes of illegals, employers must hire Mexicans before white and blacks reguardless of experience ..just reading this bill make me sick . We have got to change Washington, band together as one..there are too many groups out there fighting for the same things but are not connected as they should be into one voice. We have got to get rid of Murkowski, she voted for this immigration bill, she voted for gays in the military and now gay marriage..she is changing the name of one of the most famous mountains in history and she has become one of them. We need someone who is true to our constitution and who can stand for this country and her peoples desires. We need to look at people like Tammy Wilson, real people to run against a traitor like Murkowski..let get her out. You donot need money for this to happen, Murkowski just signed her departure papers by voting for immigration.Lets get to work…where do we start? Terry Moore

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