On-Air Schedule

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12am-3am Alex Jones

3am-4am America In The Morning

4am-6am Doug Stephan’s Good Day

6am-8am The Michael Dukes Show

8am-11am The Glenn Beck Program

11am-Noon Problem Corner (Thursday- Shooter’s Corner with Laura Berkowitz )

Noon-3pm The Sean Hannity Show

3pm-6pm The Mark Levin Show

6pm-8pm The Ben Shapiro Podcast Hour

8pm-9pm The Michael Knowles Show

9pm-12am The Lars Larson Show


12am-1am Classic Radio Theater

1am-2am Gun Owners News

2am-4am When Radio Was

4am-6am The Korelin Economics Report

6am-9am Glenn Beck Weekend Edition

9am-11am Radio Law Talk

11am-11:30am  AK Realty Today

11:30am-Noon  The Buzz

Noon-12:30pm Healthtalk

12:30-1pm Compeau’s Outdoor Show

1pm-3pm Dave Ramsey

3pm-5pm The Chad Benson Show

5pm-6pm  Fairbanks Foodies

6pm-7pm Grape Encounters

7pm-8pm What’s Cooking

8pm-9pm Beer Guys

9pm-12am Best Of Lars Larson


12am-1am Classic Radio Theater

1am-2am Eat Drink Smoke

2am-4am The Car Doctor

4am-6am The Dr. Bob Martin Show

6am-6:30am Flotline

6:30am-7am Viewpoints

7am-8am Sons Of Liberty

8am-11am Best Of Sean Hannity

11am-12pm Meet The Press

12pm-3pm Dave Ramsey

3pm-5pm The Money Pit

5pm-6pm The Week in Review & America This Week

6pm-9pm Sterling On Sunday

9pm-10pm Eat Drink Smoke

10pm-11pm Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman

11pm-12am Veteran’s Chronicles