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75th anniversary.jpgBack in 1961, when the legendary Bill Walley was sitting behind the microphone, he took a call from a listener with a “problem.” We think it was a lost dog, but no one remembers exactly any more. At any rate, Bill dedicated a few minutes of the show to trying to solve that listener’s problem & other listeners began to call with problems of their own. Obviously, a need existed in the community for folks to be able to sound off about what’s important to THEM. A few minutes each afternoon, a “corner” of the show, if you will, was set aside. Eventually, Problem Corner became a stand-alone program, fluctuating over the years between one and two hours, depending on sponsorship and other programming commitments. Like the old pot-bellied stove in the corner of the small-town General Store, Problem Corner is the place where people meet to swap stories, discuss the issues, trade recipes, maybe even gossip a little. (Except Thursdays: the 1st hour is Shooters’ Corner, with Joe Nava.) All opinions welcome, regardless of your political position or personal persuasion. Call in at (907) 458- TALK (8255)

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